Our People

Discover the exceptional minds behind our Centre’s mission. Together, we strive to revolutionize indoor air quality.

Our People

Our Experienced Team

Executive team

Our Executive Team brings together accomplished experts in aerosol science, engineering, architecture, and business. They’re dedicated to improving indoor air quality worldwide, cutting down pollution, and managing pathogens using state-of-the-art building technology. Focusing on making spaces comfortable and efficient, they’re steering our Centre toward shaping the future standards of indoor air quality in Australia, aiming for a global impact.

Advisory Board

Our Advisory Board, composed of influential government and industry experts, stands as a guiding force behind our Centre. Their wealth of experience and strategic insights fuels our direction and decisions. With their invaluable guidance, we navigate complexities, ensuring our research remains relevant and impactful. Their commitment and wisdom significantly shape our initiatives, steering us toward pioneering advancements in the realm of indoor air quality and beyond.

Chief Investigators

Our Chief Investigators consists of world-class academics from leading universities, all sharing a vision for ground-breaking building management systems. Together, they’re spearheading our research efforts in crucial domains, aiming to transform the way we control buildings in the future. Our programs are jointly managed by three high profile Australian universities: QUT, UM, and UNSW. Their strong track record of successful collaboration, is marked by shared grants, awards, publications, and notable scientific achievements.

Partner Investigators

Our Partner Investigators bring a unique blend of scientific knowledge and practical experience to the table, excelling in research training, mentoring, and collaborating with end-users. Their deep understanding of manufacturing building systems and navigating technology challenges is invaluable to our team. Their fresh perspectives on emerging building systems greatly contribute to our quest for industry-focused design solutions, ensuring that our research remains highly relevant to the industry.


Our Postdoctoral Research Fellows and Higher Degree Research Students contribute to our team of bright, up-and-coming specialists in aerosol science, respiratory health, engineering, architecture, artificial intelligence, and more. They work closely together, leveraging their diverse expertise to create science-driven, experimental approaches. Their goal is to pioneer innovative advanced building management systems, all geared toward achieving the best possible indoor air quality.

Operations Team

Our Support Team is the backbone of our Centre. They provide crucial support to ensure the smooth functioning of our operations. Their expertise in administrative tasks, coordination, communication, and logistical support allows our Researchers to focus wholeheartedly on their innovative work. Together, they form an essential part of our Centre’s efforts, enabling the seamless execution of our projects aimed at advancing indoor air quality research.

The ARC Training Centre for Advanced Building Systems Against Airborne Infection Transmission is funded by the Australian Government and industry partners through the Australian Research Council Industrial Transformation Training Centre Program.