Our Programs

Four interconnected research programs that aimed to improve indoor air quality.

Our Research

Our Four Programs

Program 01

Intelligent Building Systems

Quantification & Communication of Indoor Air Pollution & Airborne Pathogen Transmission Risk

Program 02

Building Product Improvement for Indoor Air Quality & Airborne Infection Control

HVAC systems are at the core of sustaining building IAQ, but additional equipment and products are also important in mitigating indoor airborne infection transmission and controlling energy costs.

Program 03

Quantification & Communication of Indoor Air Pollution & Airborne Pathogen Transmission Risk

To increase confidence, clear and sound information about the nature of infectious risk, the building type and characteristics, and the occupancy profile is required in a format that enables building custodians to quickly establish risk, make necessary operational adjustments and effectively communicate with occupants.

Program 04

Translating Knowledge & Innovation to Better Building System

Australians spend most of their time indoors, but building standards prioritize comfort over health and reducing airborne virus transmission. Variability in building design and operation, along with human factors, are often overlooked.

Associated Research Programs

Associated Research Program 05

ARC Linkage

How can we minimise the risk of airborne infection transmission for any respiratory viruses in a countless number of congregate settings

Associated Research Program 06

ARC Laureate Fellowship

In this Laureate Fellowship program we aim to build scientific and technological foundations for optimising the air space in present and future building systems

Our Research Impact

Our research impact lies in the potential to revolutionise the way buildings are designed and operated, leading to healthier indoor environments and improved public health outcomes. Through our work, we aim to provide practical solutions that can be implemented across various building types, ultimately contributing to a safer and more sustainable built environment for all.

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The ARC Training Centre for Advanced Building Systems Against Airborne Infection Transmission is funded by the Australian Government and industry partners through the Australian Research Council Industrial Transformation Training Centre Program.